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Cognitive Rehabilitation 

After a concussion or traumatic brain injury, many people notice changes in their thinking skills. It can feel very frustrating when you have a hard time remembering your thoughts during conversations, struggle to pay attention in class, or feel fatigued or depleted of energy mid way through your day.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy provides the tools to strengthen your brain’s abilities to think, learn and remember following a concussion or traumatic brain injury. We offer compassionate support so you know you’re not alone on your healing journey.

We will address the 6 domains of cognitive functioning: attention, memory, executive functioning, social cognition, visual perception, & language. 

Cognitive Therapy may be for you if you experience any of the following:


- Slow processing skills

- Trouble focusing on a task

- Distracted by your environment


- Problems with short-term memory

- Difficulty remembering new information

- Deficits in orientation to person, place or time

Executive functioning: 

- Difficulty initiating, planning, or organizing

- Poor decision making

- Difficulty with safe problem solving or reasoning skills

Social Cognition:

- Difficulty with insight

- Difficulty regulating emotions

- Difficulty taking perspectives

Visual perception:

- Visual neglect (not attending to things on the left side)

- Visuospatial skill deficits


- Difficulty finding the words to express yourself fully

- Difficulty processing complex language

* * *


Cognitive SLP specializes in cognitive therapy for individuals living with concussions (mTBI), post-concussive syndrome (PCS), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).


Our individualized online sessions provide:

  • Education around the cognitive domains and their impact on daily activities

  • Restoring cognitive functions with specific skill training

  • Compensatory strategy instruction

  • Collaborative goal setting

  • Progress monitoring

  • Family counseling and coaching


We work on what is most meaningful to you and your family to help you achieve greater independence, improved safety, and improved quality of life. We support you in returning to your daily activities in the community, including work and school.

A Young Man Writing
"Our son was a tough case and Jenny's patience and kindness was key in his recovery journey."
- Parent
What Clients Are Saying
"Jenny came highly and repeatedly recommended to us by the staff at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA. Not only did she have the qualifications and experience for working with a child like mine with a brain tumor, but she also had the personality that could be whimsical and fun with a child, and then quickly switch into technical, adult mode to educate me, the parent."
- Parent
"My memory is much better with your help. You teach me the ins and outs of school that I didn't know existed. Thank you!"
- Client
"Wanting to help our child without having the proper background left us anxious. When Jenny came highly recommended by a trusted advisor we felt we were on a good path to success. We see great progress and are relieved by our son’s happiness that recovery is possible." 
- Parent
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