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What Clients Are Saying

Wondering what it's like to work with Cognitive SLP?

"Jenny has been a godsend. Her professional expertise, kind manner and willingness to go the extra mile whenever requested has made her a joy to work with. The results are shown continually in our son's progress." - Parent

"Jenny knew what to do and the right time to do it. Jenny is great at what she does. She impressed me. - Parent

"My memory is much better with your help. You teach me the ins and outs of school that I didn't know existed. Thank you!" - Client

"Wanting to help our child without having the proper background left us anxious. When Jenny came highly recommended by a trusted advisor we felt we were on a good path to success. We see great progress and are relieved by our son’s happiness that recovery is possible." - Parent

"I was SO not organized in school at all before! But now that I'm doing this executive functioning work I see the value of staying organized and how it can help me in school."- Client

"I learned helpful tips and information from Jenny. She was always on time, professional, kind, and helpful. Jenny really helped and supported my family. I wish I had the time to thank Jenny more about her kind and sweet personality. Jenny should keep doing what she is doing, helping people on improving their quality of life." - Parent

"My confidence with my speech has grown so much that I’m raising my hand in class, and I’m doing a declamation in June! I miss Jenny very much, and I have Jenny to thank for a lot of my speech improvement." - Client

"Our son was a tough case and Jenny's patience and kindness was key in his recovery journey." - Parent

"Jenny was so kind, calm, and patient. She understood the energy and attention our child needed. She let our child direct what activities they would do, yet it was obvious she always had a plan." - Parent

"I am really proud of the great paragraphs we wrote. Our editing techniques have been a great help! It's fun to be silly together and play games to practice our strategies." - Client

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