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School Re-entry Planning

Getting back to school after a brain injury can be challenging. Any changes in a child's cognition, mobility, emotions, or behaviors must be carefully considered in creating a return to school plan. Many students feel overwhelmed when navigating questions of where they've been or what happened. Some may experience exhaustion in the initial return to school, making it challenging to make it through the school day or complete cognitive tasks. Others may feel overwhelmed when navigating questions about what happened to them and where they've been.


We are here to collaborate with you on the best strategy to help your student feel confident mentally and physically while rebuilding their cognitive stamina as they return to the school environment.

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Cognitive SLP collaborates with you and your family, medical providers, and school teams to determine a safe and successful return-to-school plan.

Our individualized online sessions include:

  • Education on the school re-entry process

  • Reviewing any changes to cognition, mobility, emotions, or behaviors

  • Identifying specific supports and accommodations

  • Discussing ways to implement supports at home and in school

  • Identifying key team members

  • Developing a plan to communicate with school team members

  • Consulting with school professionals as needed

  • Family counseling and coaching


Our goal is to help you better understand what school may look like after your injury and develop a step-by-step plan to ease stress in the process. 

Girl in Wheelchair
In a podcast interview...
Jenny highlights the need for collaboration and creativity among families and professionals for a safe and successful return to school. 
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