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School Re-entry Planning

School Re-entry is the process of a child returning to school following an injury or illness. Following a brain injury, any changes in a child's cognition, mobility, emotions, or behaviors must be carefully considered.

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Cognitive SLP collaborates with you and your family, medical providers, and school teams to determine a safe and successful return-to-school plan.

Our individualized online sessions include:

  • Education on the school re-entry process

  • Reviewing any changes to cognition, mobility, emotions, or behaviors

  • Identifying specific supports and accommodations

  • Discussing ways to implement supports at home and in school

  • Identifying key team members

  • Developing a plan to communicate with school team members

  • Consulting with school professionals as needed

  • Family counseling and coaching


Our goal is to help you better understand what school may look like after your injury and develop a step-by-step plan to ease stress in the process. 

Girl in Wheelchair
In a recent podcast interview...
Jenny highlights the need for collaboration and creativity among families and professionals for a safe and successful return to school. 
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