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Teacher and Student
"I advise you to get on Jenny's schedule and stay there. You will find no other SLP who is this qualified, this dedicated, this willing, this kind. Not only do you get a therapist for your child, but you also get a person who is willing to educate YOU the parent on how to best help them. She will impart wisdom and knowledge she learned through her education and experience, instead of assuming it's over your head or not for you to know. We gained a friend and advocate." 
- Parent

"Jenny was so kind, calm, and patient. She understood the energy and attention our child needed. She let our child direct what activities they would do, yet it was obvious she always had a plan."

- Parent

Executive Function Coaching

It can feel very discouraging to put in so much effort in school and daily life and not feel successful. When you struggle with procrastination, concentrating without distractions, can't seem to finish your projects on time, feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do, it can be hard to know where to begin. 


Executive function coaching breaks complex tasks down into doable actions and strategies to keep you focused, confident, and capable of completing daily tasks.


Executive function skills are mental skills that help us filter distractions, organize information, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses. These skills allow us to focus our attention, think flexibly, and direct our own learning.

Executive Function Coaching may be for you if you experience any of the following:


- Difficulty breaking down a task into discrete steps

- Inability to create a roadmap to reach a goal

- Problems with prioritizing important information or tasks


- Difficulty designing and maintaining systems to keep track of information or materials

- Problems with managing materials

Time Management:

- Difficulty estimating how much time one has 

- Trouble identifying how to allocate your time

- Difficulty staying within time limits and deadlines

Working Memory:

- Difficulty holding information in your mind to complete a task

- Trouble drawing on past learning to apply to a new situation


- Difficulty observing how you solve a problem

- Problems with self-reflection, self-evaluation, and self-monitoring

Response Inhibition:

- Difficulty thinking before you act

- Not taking the time to evaluate the situation and how our behavior might impact it

Emotional control: 

- Difficulty managing impulses and emotions

Sustained attention:

- Difficulty attending to a situation or task 

- Distracted by your environment, thoughts, or feelings

Task initiation:

- Trouble beginning a task in a timely manner

- Persistent procrastination


- Difficulty revising plans in the face of obstacles, setbacks, new information, or mistakes

- Problems with adapting to changing conditions

Goal-directed persistence:

- Trouble following through to complete a goal

- Difficulty putting off other demands or competing interests

* * * 


Cognitive SLP provides the tools, strategies, and coaching to help clients become focused, strategic thinkers and build mental endurance.

Our individualized online sessions provide:

  • Education on executive function skills and ADHD

  • Time management strategies

  • Note taking strategies

  • Mindset coaching

  • Metacognitive strategies

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Self-awareness and self-reflection skills

  • Goal-setting

  • Test preparation

  • Family counseling and coaching


We work on what is most meaningful to you and your family to develop the self-management skills you need to thrive in daily life and achieve your goals. 


"I was SO not organized in school at all before! But now that I'm doing this executive functioning work I see the value of staying organized and how it can help me in school."
- Client
What Clients Are Saying
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